SHOCKING circumstances aside, it is a good time to be involved in the manufacture of PPE, and in particular products which defend against the transmission of respiratory infection.  What could go wrong? An almost overnight exponential increase in global demand, a precipitous drop in barriers to market entry, and a considerable lack of product information of any description.  Afterall, any old obstruction between you and a potential hazard is fine… right? Well as it happens, NO

  • Is your Face Shield actually fit for purpose, in particular YOUR purpose?
  • Besides offering a barrier between risk and you, does it need to do anything else?
  • Should you expect it to still be comfortable after 8 hours?
  • How do you intend to clean it, and with what?
  • Does it need to withstand a sterilisation process?
  • Will chemicals degrade it?
  • Has it been designed to, and comply with, agreed international standards and norms?
  • What level of quality should you expect, and has it been manufactured to that expectation?
  • What can you do if it has not?

Chances are you haven’t thought about any of this, and with good reason… it is really not very interesting.  Unless of course it is an integral part of keeping you safe & healthy; then maybe it might be worth a few minutes of your time.  The purpose of the ‘Face Shield: Need to Know’ blog is to provide a steadily increasing library to arm you with the necessary knowledge and information needed to securely select, purchase, use, care for, and eventually dispose of, in an environmentally responsible way, this essential piece of PPE.

But first in the interest of full disclosure… Carclo manufactures and distributes Face Shields; and if we’re being completely honest, we would be very happy if you would consider using ours to provide you with the essential protection you need.  Rather than just tell you that ours is just the one for you, and then hope for simple compliance.  We have elected instead to explain, over a series of publications, what constitutes a top class Face Shield and invite you to decide for yourselves.

Whichever product you finally select we hope you stay safe, and offer a heartfelt thank you for whatever service places you behind one of these devices.  Our website is here where you can sign up for and access more information as it becomes available. If you wish to contact us in person, the direct contact details for our various global support desks can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

So let’s get started.  Almost certainly the first thing you should want to know is why can you see through it, what is it made from, and why might this understanding be useful to you.

Best Regards


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